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Frozen butter homogenizer

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The frozen butter homogenizer is used to homogenize the butter before further processing or packaging. Once homogenized, the butter is ready for packaging.

The homogenization is carried out in order to recover the properties of the butter before freezing and to be suitable for packaging in consumer containers.


Even moisture distribution. The special design helps to increase the plasticity of the product and ensure even moisture distribution, which facilitates long-term product storage and preservation of organoleptic properties. The homogenization process ensures uniform distribution of water, which ensures better butter shelf life and spreadability.

Significantly saves space and time. The process runs in a continuous mode, which greatly increases production capacity and reduces labor costs. No microbial contamination. The homogenizer is intended for use in dairies or industrial complexes.


 Block weight up to 25 kg

 Temperatures to -18 ° C


 no defrosting required before processing

 allows immediate packing and storage of butter

 processing of frozen blocks with temperatures up to – 18 ° C

 mechanical processing without thermal effects

 possibility of manual or conveyor feeding of butter

 reinforced design for smooth operation

 butter processing speed is adjustable

 made of stainless steel
 optionally can be fitted with recirculation system

 free from microbial contamination of the product

 the product is evenly processed in contrast to conventional defrosting, where the inner part of the block remains frozen and the outer part is already susceptible to bacteria

uniform moisture distribution

 Special design helps increase product plasticity and ensures even moisture distribution

 retention of organoleptic properties and reduced defrosting time

 The unique design helps to reduce the air content of the final product

The homogenizer can be equipped with a recirculation circuit, which greatly increases the degree of homogeneity of the mass after processing and eliminates butter disintegration during long-term storage.

Butter homogenizer

Nekonečný boj – Maslo verzus margarín


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