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Line for production of semi-finished meat products

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Line for forming, frying and pre-cooling – is an electromechanical complex of continuous equipment consisting of basic and auxiliary mechanisms: forming machines; conveyor for dewatering products, combined continuous fryer, conveyor for oil removal. The line is designed for deep heat treatment of products.


Forming machine – former processes the product into the desired shape. It is ideal for the production of all kinds of minced meat such as meatballs, burger, hamburger meat, poultry pancakes and the like. The meat fibers are not destroyed or damaged during forming, the finished product has a perfect shape and texture.



Before frying, excess water is removed from the product thanks to the special conveyor.

dopravnik na odstranenie vody


Friteza combi fryFrying in a  CombiFry fryer combines immersing frying with pouring with hot oil. The main principle is heat treatment of the product by pouring hot oil, which forms a film on all sides of the product.

Hot oil forms an oil film on all sides of each piece. Its intensive circulation between the product and the heating source ensures that the set temperature is maintained throughout the frying surface.

High heat exchange indicators ensure frying efficiency and ensure that the product is constantly mixed in hot oil.

Low oil volume in the system, significantly reducing the manufacturer’s cost for replacing and recycling waste oil.

Always clean oil – guarantee of high quality of finished product

Intensive oil circulation and constant filtration ensure the unsurpassed quality of the fried product while retaining all its performance characteristics.

The entire oil volume is subjected to continuous filtration in NORMIT continuous fryers. Fine parts of the product are continually removed using special multi-stage stainless steel filters. Cleaning of the filter is performed during full operation of the device.

Upon customer request it is possible to install one or more product rewind sections.


After deep-frying, thanks to the special conveyor, the excess oil is removed, for a better product quality.


  •  High quality equipment.
  •  The device is completely made of stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life of the line.
  •  High quality of finished product. Thanks to gentle product processing.
  •  High efficiency. Thanks to low oil consumption and continuous filtration.
  •  Possibility of connection to various energy sources. Electricity, steam or gas.
  •  Energy efficiency. Maintaining a steady set temperature over the entire frying surface.

Always clean oil – guarantee of high quality of finished product

Oil filtration:

During frying, the oil is filtered and continuously circulated to prevent oil degradation, the oil is during the frying process clean, clear of carburized particles that may contain carcinogenic substances.

The NORMIT fryer system needs a minimum amount of oil, it does not need to be replaced, it is enough to add the quantity that has gone with the product. There is no waste that must be disposed of by law.

Fryers pouring


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