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Cooking equipment tilting cooker TiltCook

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Suitable products:

  • Jams and marmalades
  •  Soups, sauces
  •  Ready meals
  •  Sauces, dressings etc

Tilting cooker is a universal atmospheric boiler suitable for cooking a wide range of food products.

It can be used in restaurants, canteens, hospitals, catering companies, manufacturing plants, etc. It is also ideal for cooking at low temperatures, to better preserve the appearance of foods and their nutritional properties, or when adding ingredients that are sensitive to heat.

The TiltCook cooking equipment consists of a thermally insulated cylindrical container with a tilt, and a hot water duplicator, an external electric heater with a circulation pump, a slowly rotating stirrer, optionally equipped with Teflon scrapers that effectively wipe the product off the vessel walls, thus preventing the product from adhering to the walls and subsequent burning, and also makes cleaning of the device more efficient.

In addition, the TiltCook boiler is equipped with a special tilting system for product unloading.

The lid opens to 1/3 for convenient loading of raw materials. The basic version of the control system switches the stirrer on and off and displays and controls the temperature digitally.


  •  Efficient and fast heating with precise temperature control.
  •  A highly efficient heat distribution system heats the product quickly and with minimal inertia, which can significantly reduce energy consumption.
  •  Thorough mixing to quickly achieve a homogeneous product structure.
  •  The special shape of the mixer effectively distributes solid particles into the product but does not damage it.
  •  Effective dissolution of soluble sugars and other ingredients.
  •  Possibility to distribute even small amounts of ingredients evenly.


  •  Adjustable stirrer speed
  •  Teflon scrapers for continuous wall cleaning (if the product is susceptible to burning)
  •  Direct steam injection
  •  Integrated homogenizer for preparation of homogeneous product. If solid additives need to be added to the finished homogenised mass, they are placed in the vessel after the homogenization process is completed. The product is then thoroughly mixed and pumped through the pump.


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