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Diffuser – Vacuum liquid coater DifuVac

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Time is money. Don’t marinate for 8 hours, only 1 hour. Thus, in a diffuser, you will work 8 times faster than if the product was soaked in marinade in an open container.

Ideal for:

  • • beans
  • • plump and other fruit
  • • marinating meat
  • • sunflower, other seeds
  • • many other products Intended for use in the food industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and many others.

DifuVac  refers to the equipment of periodic action:

  • • on saturation with aromatic, vitamin impregnation of various products;
  • • due to the removal of air from the working tank and the product in it, absorption / filling with various formulations (additives) .

The installation package includes: working tank, basket for the product, pump, vacuum system, control system. Processing time depends on the product’s properties (mainly air content)

DifuVac ST vacuum diffuser is intended for performing diffusion treatment of a wide range of products, both low- and high-den¬sity. This vacuum liquid coater contains of sealed stationary working vessel, perforated basket, vacuum generation and maintaing system, process control system.

When dipping the product into marinades, syrups, salt liquids, spices dissolved in water or oil, and other liquids that flavor the product, it will soak the liquid over a long period of time and get the desired taste from the liquid. But it takes a long time. Difuvac will take care of it, but in a very short time.


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