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Line for vacuum fried vegetable chips

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Vegetable chips are a source of vitamins A and C. One portion of chips contains up to 25% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin A and up to 20% of the recommended dose of vitamin C. In addition to vitamins A and C, they also contain minerals such as calcium and iron.


Frying – using vacuum (at lower temperature) represents a unique,  modern method of heat processing, allowing to achieve the unique characteristics of the final product. Healthy vegetable chips production lines include a vacuum frying equipment that allows frying of the material to a crispy state at less than 120 °C without acrylamide formation *. The fried material doesnt contain carcinogenic elements and is a healthy alternative for most snacks on the market. Considering the established connection among consuming of foodstuff and human well-being, customers are choosing food with caution and regurlarly favour healthier food. One of the concerns consumers have is the high oil or fat content. Products with bigger fat content are linked with many issues effecting personal health and can cause illnesses like:



Type 2 Diabetes

Probability of cardiovascular ilness


For the production of modern industrial frying equipment, the technology designed especially for decreasing risks to our health are used. For instance. an enhanced oil filters are made for extending its duration. Nevertheless, it is not adequate for eliminating all the issues connected with deep frying.


Why would frying under vacuum be healthier?

Frying under vacuum – an other method for preparing material at lower pressure as well as lower temperature. It has been confirmed that the vacuum makes the manufacturing process faster, creating delicious and healthy products at the same time. Processing by using this machinery can be characterized as drying as well as cooking using hot oil.

When using vacuum, water is eliminated from the material very shortly. This makes the processing faster, and as a result, the vacuum frying is more effective than atmospheric one in terms of productivity. If the oil doesnt enter the open pores of the material, the final product will have a lower oil content (up to 7%) compared to 40% gained with standard frying!

Thanks to the lower pressure used for processing in a vacuum frying machine,  frying of products can happen at lower temperatures – 85 ° C to 120 ° C. The oil does not content any carcinogenic elements,  it remains fresh for a long period compared to atmospheric deep frying machines.

During frying using lower temperatures, the material holds its organic color, flavor, aroma and sources of nourishment. Frying under vacuum makes fruit or vegetable into healthy eats, which can be extremely favored and turn into a valuable substitute to standard chips.

Frying under vacuum allows you to produce light snacks or eats of higher worth with low electricity consumption when you compare it to standard deep fryer,  offering the equipment holder a competitive benefits.


Commercial benefits:

Quick frying: bigger output while low power expenses

Oil preserving – oil remains fresh longer, no burning, doesnt retain arome from the last fried material, rarely needs to be changed

Less odor and aroma intensifiers are required

A competing product in the food market


Chips produced in a vacuum frying equipment are better than competitor’s because:


Less oil – up to 7%

Attractive color – almost the same as original,  chips do not turn dark, without any black dots on the exterior

No burning of oil – without bad odor or aroma

The product keeps essential characteristics

Almost no acrylamide – 94% lower as in conventional deep fryers

No carcinogenic elements


*COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2017/2158 of 20 November 2017 laying down measures to minimize acrylamide levels ​​in food



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