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Forming machine – former for hamburgers

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A hamburger forming machine, former, is a moulding machine suitable for forming minced meat, poultry, fish and similar minced raw materials.

The hamburger forming machine makes it possible to shape the products into a rectangular, round or triangular shape. It is ideal for manufacturing of different types of patties and burgers from meat, fish or vegetables.

formovaci stroj na burgery

A great advantage of the forming machine is that it can work with a mass that has long fibers. Meat fibers are not crushed or destroyed by molding – they retain their natural properties, and the finished material has excellent quality, composition and texture. The products molded in the Former 600 retain their shape and precise weight.

Stroj pre formovanie hamburgerov – Výhody:

  •  Mäso takmer akéhokoľvek tvaru
  •  Jednoduchá výmena tvarovacej dosky umožňuje výrobu rôznych veľkostí a tvarov a zaručujú minimálny čas výmeny.
  •  Formovací stroj je vhodný pre rôzne druhy výrobkov
  •  Schopnosť tvarovať rôzne formy a pracovať s rôznymi surovinami
  •  Vysoká kvalita, použité najkvalitnejšie komponenty a materiály
  •  Vybavené PLC riadením, ktoré optimalizuje cyklus tvarovania pre každý produkt.
  •  Dizajn násypky a dávkovacieho systému umožňuje jednoduché čistenie

Hamburger forming machine – Advantages:

  •  Meat of almost any shape
  •  The simple replacement of the mold plate allows the production of different sizes and shapes and guarantees minimum replacement time.
  •  The molding machine is suitable for various types of products
  •  Ability to shape different forms and work with different raw materials
  •  High quality, using the highest quality components and materials
  •  Equipped with a PLC that optimizes the molding cycle for each product.
  •  The design of the hopper and dosing system allows easy cleaning





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