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Hematogen production line

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Hematogen is a food supplement in the form of bars – it resembles a chocolate bar, so it is popular not only with adults but also with children. Hematogen is recommended as a source of iron, vitamins and amino acids.

The basis is albumin, which is obtained from bovine blood and defibrinates, mixed with sugar and milk powder. The bars may be flavored with fruits, coconut, nuts and the like. Blood gives the bars a specific spicy aroma.

Hematogen is a medicine, you shouldnt confuse it with a children’s dessert that children could consume in large quantities.

According to the medical community, hematogen increases hemoglobin and stimulates blood production, contains increased concentrations of minerals and nutrients such as. protein. Natural bovine blood contributes to the saturation of the body with amino acids, including vitamins.

The hematogen production line assembly depends on the production process.

Here is just one option, which consists of molasses receiving and storage facilities, equipment for syrup preparation, syrup cooking and mixing with albumin, control and additional equipment.


1.1 Condensed milk storage tank

zasobny tank

It is intended to store condensed milk before further processing.

Storage tank is thus a large-capacity atmospheric vessel with insulation, which has a conical bottom with a jacket for heating with hot water.

1.2. Storage tank for Molasses 

The container is designed for storing molasses. The tank is a large-capacity atmospheric vessel consisting of the upper cylindrical and lower conical section. The container is filled from above and has thermal insulation.



2.1.Measuring vessel

It serves as a measuring container for condensed milk and molasses. The vessel is atmospheric with a jacket for heating with hot water for thermostabilization.

 Tensometric principle of weighting on the basis of tensometers.

2.2. Equipment for the preparation of sugar syrup

The atmospheric vessel is designed for the preparation of sugar syrup, it is insulated and equipped with a stirrer and jacket for steam heating up to 0.5 bar. Sugar is added from the bags through the opening at the top.

2.3 Equipment for sugar-milk-molasses syrup

vakuova odparka

Vacuum container for the preparation of sugar-milk-molasses syrup. The vessel is insulated with a jacket for heating with hot water for thermostabilization. The mixing of the syrup is ensured by a powerful mixer.

2.4. Tank for  sugar-milk-molasses syrup 

The atmospheric container serves as a tank for sugar-milk-molasses syrup. It is equipped with a jacket for hot water heating for thermostabilization and insulation.



3.1.Measuring vesselodmerna nadoba

The measuring atmospheric vessel works on the tensometric principle of weighing using tensometers. It is equipped with a jacket for hot water heating for thermostabilization.

3.2 Equipment for cooking caramel

Vacuum container is used for cooking caramel. It is thermally insulated with a jacket for hot steam heating up to 0.5 bar.

3.3. Separatorzbernik kondenzatu

3.4. Condenser

The steam condenser is a vertical two-way tubular heat exchanger used to condense hot steam.

3.5 Condenser collector 
The condensate collector is a vertical vacuum tank made of high quality stainless steel and designed to collect condensate.


 3.6 Z-mixer Z Sigma Arm

z miesacka

Horizontal two-shaft mixer with Z-shaped mixing arms. It is designed for the preparation of mixtures from dry and wet components at a stable temperature. Above the working vessel is a cover with an opening for pouring caramel mass from the vacuum device. The mixer is installed under the vacuum device.

The mixer consists of a jacketed mixing tilting chamber mounted on a stainless steel frame. Z-shaped mixing arms are located in the mixing chamber. The mixing arms can be rotated in the same or in the opposite direction, ensuring efficient and high-quality mixing of the product.

The rotational speed can be set by the frequency converter. The design of the mixing chamber has a minimum number of welds, is free of sharp corners and dead zones in which the product could accumulate.

The mixer can be equipped with a jacket for heating or cooling. Depending on the product, different shaped bladdes can be used and installed in one of two ways:

For products with medium to high viscosities, Doppel-Z blades are usually mounted overlapping (overlapping trajectories), with the speed of both blades being the same. To mix very high viscosity products, the two blades are mounted tangentially. The blade trajectories do not overlap and the speeds are different.

3.7 Washer for washing vessel 

The mobile device is equipped with a tilting system. There are nozzles for spraying water into the working vessel of the mixer in an inclined position. The used water is drained into the sewer.


The control system consists of several control stations connected via a local industrial Ethernet network (Profinet).

Riadiaca skriňa

4.Plougshare mixer 
Highly efficient mixer designed to mix dry mixes that tend to form lumps.


pluhova miesacka Thanks to the special design of the shaft and blades, their location and speed of rotation, the mixer creates vortex mixing, allowing components with different particle sizes and bulk weights to blend and mix perfectly with high precision and in the shortest possible time.

The mixer is equipped with a high speed shaft with specially developed plow blades. The whirling effect ensures perfect mixing in a very short time.


5.1 Purified water tank 

High capacity atmospheric tank for the storage of purified water.

5.2 Hot water tank 

Atmospheric container with thermal insulation of the whole body of the machine including cover.

5.3  Equipment for preparing  solutionszostava na pripravu farmaceutickeho roztoku

The solution preparation system is used to produce solutions with a high degree of homogeneity, desired density and concentration.

Fields of application

  • water-based solution,
  • alcohol-based solution,
  • other solvent-based solutions, etc. The solution manufacturing equipment includes a mixing vessel, a high pressure pump, a safety valve, a frame, a component vessel, a component dosing system (by level, tensometric or various flow meters according to customer requirements). The filter system is equipped with replaceable cartridges selected according to the needs of your solution.

5.4 Container for preparation of disinfectant solution

Device for preparing disinfectant solution with bottom stirrer.




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