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Drum mixing coating machine

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A seasoning drum, a coating machine for the production of dragee, coated pills, tablets, candy, a panning coating machine ensures specific processes such as mixing, drying, adding various ingredients. It is also used to coat products such as nuts or dried fruit with chocolate, yoghurt or other toppings. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for coating drugs, tablets and the like.

Suitable products:

 Different kinds of nuts

 Candy

 Chips

 Cereals 

 Nuts, candy coated with chocolate, yoghurt topping

 Pharmaceutical industry (coating of pills, tablets)

Various methods of dosing of the product

This coating drum for mixing, drying, coating, adding raw materials to the product is semi-automatic, adding raw materials is done manually. This allows us to produce the highest quality coating drum at an exceptional price, lower than our competitors.

Depending on the application, the feeding can also be done via a pump or nozzle, hopper, etc. It is possible to introduce air into the rotating drum. The method of dosing depends on your product and manufacturing process.

Inside the drum are blades that can rotate to both sides. The blades are shaped so that when rotated counterclockwise, the product is unloaded from the drum, allowing containers of any height to be placed under the drum to discharge the product.

The paddles can be easily removed for thorough cleaning to ensure high hygiene and the coating drum can also be used to coat products with a finer texture such as pills, tablets and others.

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