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Frozen blocks flaker

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Cutter, frozen blocks crusher is designed for high-intensity crushing of frozen blocks of meat, butter, margarine, juices and similar products directly from the cold storage without prior defrosting. It is equipped with a pneumatic feeding system for blocks with reinforced guides on linear bearings.




 Speed

 Purity

Cutter, crusher is a machine designed for crushing (chopping) frozen products (meat, fish, fruit, etc.) into the form of “flakes” of various (adjustable) dimensions. This makes the frozen product immediately usable for further processing. This is ensured by the rotary movement of the drum with knifes inside the machine with pneumatic shifting of frozen blocks of various sizes up to – 30 ° C. 

The cutter with rotor allows to maintain the structure of frozen raw material – fiber, which is necessary for the production of, for example, minced meat for sausages.

After crushing, the frozen products take the form of small “flakes”, which can also be easily processed in cutters or homogenizers.

The resulting product (frozen flakes) falls from the machine directly into the trolley, which can be mounted on the device or can only be moved to it on wheels.


  • Simple and safe operation – frozen blocks are inserted from the loading table into the chamber where they are pushed by a pneumatic arm onto the cutting cylinder.
  • Applicable to frozen meat, poultry, vegetables, fish, etc
  • Automatic pneumatic feeding of frozen blocks with high efficiency
  • Robust construction – the machine has a very strong frame and is all made of high quality stainless steel, which ensures hygiene and easy cleaning.
  • It processes frozen blocks to -30 ° C into flakes.
  • Cut flakes fall directly into the container (not included).
  • Once delivered, it is ready for immediate use.

Hygiene. Sidewalls to protect against crumbs. The grinding of the product proceeds without loss, the area around the crusher remains perfectly clean, crumbs do not fly around, they only reach the receiving tray. The cutter – the shredder is equipped with a trolley fixation system, side walls and roller shutters. The block delivery system is completely self-cleaning.

The reinforced design and the first-class hardened blade steel guarantee efficiency, long machine life and minimal maintenance and tool replacement costs.

Extremely silent operation 

Three-line feeding – loading of blocks is realized by 2 guides and central pneumatic cylinders. The feeding platform is equipped with teeth to fix the blocks. Designed system of compressed air purification in pneumatic system.

The quick-opening reinforced cover allows easy access for maintenance to all internal surfaces of the machine.

Versatility. Adjustable cutting thickness (by sliding the platform). Depending on the specified parameters, it is possible to grind the block not only finely (by lifting the platform) with a thickness of 2 mm but also for thick pieces up to 100 mm, which will be broken off from the whole block. The block feeding speed is adjustable. The cutter, crusher, flaker is effective for crushing frozen blocks of meat, fish, poultry with bones, frozen blocks of juices and similar products.

Reinforced construction 

The frozen blocks flaker, cutter is equipped with a strong safe frame, which ensures stability of the whole structure and allows the device to be placed on an uneven surface (with an angle of inclination up to 15 degrees) with the help of adjustable legs.

Reinforced bearing nodes

The rotor comes with high-quality hardened stainless steel blades with double-sided blades, which double their operation time until the next sharpening.


The rotor stops when the lid is opened.

The product blocks are fed using a pneumatic cylinder, eliminating the risk for the operator.

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