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Blancher inclined screw

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Blanching (French blanchir) is a method of cooking vegetables, fruit or meat. Meat will remain more succulent for further heat treatment. Furthermore, this heat treatment method is used to facilitate easier removal of membranes. For fruit and vegetables, blanching is used to remove the skin on fruits and vegetables that are too stiff or too thick, such as tomatoes, peaches, apricots, and the like.

Due to the short-term exposure to higher temperatures, vitamins, taste and color will be retained in the food, but micro-organisms, which may cause deterioration of food during preservation, will be destroyed. This will preserve higher quality  of food, for example, frozen vegetables will have a fresher color and more pronounced taste.

The blanching activity principle: The blancher is determined for blanching of vegetables, fruits, leguminous plants, pasta products, seafood before conservation and freezing.

A short processing by steam or warm water enables to clean a product from microbes and moulds after that it becomes safe for a consumer.

One of the blancher advantages is its universality. The plant can be configured in the way to process different kind of products, such as:

  • soft seafood like mussels without armor or shrimps,
  • vegetables,
  • mushrooms,
  • and many others.

It is used for: Softening process – blanched products need shorter time for final preparation.

Enzymes deactivation – it reduces or interrupts enzymes action which can damage the product colour, taste and smell. Some products obtain light colouration during the blanching process. Partial air removal from product aids to increase the durability after additional conservation and freezing and it also minimizes the product volume.

Partial water removal helps with the additional product freezing at assembly lines of fruits, vegetables, leguminous plants and seafood. Screw blancher is equipped with a product feed hopper. Hot water is located at the bottom of the device.The water heater is implemented through a duplicator. The product is transported by movement of the screw. At the top of the device, nozzles for water injecting are placed.


  • Universality. A plant can be used for steam and water blanching. The time of blanching process varies according to change of the tilt angle and its rotary speed which enables to vary the time of blanching process approximately 10-15 times.
  • It can be also used for freezing raw materials.
  • Reliability – the blancher is determined for intensive long-lasting operation. The plant is produced in our manufactures by using high-quality European materials and components.
  • Good manufacturing features. The radial construction reduces the possibility of shaft damage.
  • Easy maintenance and access to internal surfaces.
  • Low level of vibration and noise.
  • Possible additional section of preliminary thawing for using raw materials.

Universality / Options:

  • The wide range of configuration options allows to select the optimal plant for any usage.
  • The blanching process is possible to realize by water or steam.
  • The integrated or extended section of water or air cooling.
  • The installation variety of optional additional equipment.
  • The variable performance. The performance of screw blancher is determined by the specific product density and processing time.

Blanching unique culinary technology







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