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Production line for pharmaceutical insect flour

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Insect flour, which is used in bakery, is gradually coming to the forefront. The most commonly processed insect for gastronomy are the flyfishes (clams and horses) and cockroaches. Insect farming also contributes to the improvement of the environment.

NORMIT company has developed a solution for blanching flour worms and similar insects, then cooling them and preparing them for further processing. Blanching is carried out at 75 ° C followed by cooling to 5 ° C.

Some insect species, such as mealworms, vices or grasshoppers, are used in the food industry as a source of protein, containing up to 80% protein. The insect chitin helps to remove excess fat from the body, making it an excellent solution for athletes.

The finished insect powder is added to the dry mixes to produce sports nutrition, food ingredients and other food products.

What is the function of proteins in nutrition?

In addition to being essential elements for the development and regeneration of living human or animal cells, proteins are constantly produced and absorbed in the human body. Proteins must be around 15% of the daily energy consumption to maintain this cycle.

It is only a matter of time before the consumer gets used to this nutritionally charged superfood, which is healthy, low-calorie and tastes essentially as the final consumer wishes. Insects have no distinct taste, rather none, which gives the consumer the chance to taste the insect protein on their own.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO provides insects with high-quality proteins and nutrients and is “extremely important as a food supplement for malnourished children!” It can be rich in iron, magnesium, zinc and other body beneficial substances.

Experts suggest that we eat more insects and larvae to save the climate and the environment.

Meticulous, a market research firm, predicted that the world market for insects for consumption will increase by $ 2023bn and $ 1.18 billion, a year-on-year increase of over 20%.

In 2050, up to 9 billion people will need to feed, and this will only be possible if rich nations change animal breeding and plant growth, as well as eating habits. Traditional livestock farming requires a large area, a lot of water and feed, and greenhouse gases produced by livestock which is  warming the climate.

Insect are “food of the future”


Hmyz ako potravina budúcnosti



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