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Vacuum cutter mixer CUT

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Running of various production processes such as cutting, mixing, crushing, refining and emulsifying different types of product in a single unit.

Suitable products:

  • melted cheese, cottage cheese
  • filled confectionery, desserts
  • cream
  • fruit smoothie
  • vegetable puree
  • honey

Universal use

Normit CUT is a multi-functional cutter /mixer. It is able to produce a wide range of food products instantly with high quality results. The equipment is intended mainly for use in the food industry. Normit CUT  can also be implemented in other industries such as herbal, chemical and cosmetic sectors for crushing, emulsions and making creams.

Adjustable mixer / cutter Adjustable,

producing high-quality results, it can be implemented in many sectors in the food industry, such as confectionery, chocolate, ice cream, food, bakery or ready meals.

Optional temperature control system

Normit CUT  standard version is equipped with a special tank cavity for hot or refrigerated fluid, which is beneficial when cooking up to 95°C or for cooling the product indirectly and effectively. Using the optional temperature control system, uniform and mild cooking is possible, preserving the natural smells and flavours of the ingredients.


  • The mixer is specially designed to help mixing of the knives.
  • The equipment is vertically tiltable – the construction is made to allow the agitator to move vertically.
  • The container is designed so it can be tilted.
  • The tiller is multi-level and the container is fitted with a lower valve (without a blind zone).

Tilting and unloading system

The installation capacity is equipped with a special “jacket” for heating / cooling and a system for tilting and unloading the product. Regulator ensures easy operation of Normit CUT and allows natural management and tracking of all process parameters such as the temperature of the product, the speed and processing time.



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