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Vacuum honey dryer

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NORMIT HONEY DRYERS were designed specifically for honey, taking into account all the features of this sensitive product. They effectively remove moisture without heating or with a low heating temperature in a short time, which does not lead to an increased hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content. Hydroxymethylfurfural is formed by heating glucose and fructose. The presence of HMF in honey indicates that it is old or overheated. 5-HMF is suspected of cytotoxic genotoxic effects on the human body.

Codex Alimentarius of the World Health Organization and the European Union sets the maximum amount of 5-HMF honey at 40 mg / kg. Slovak and Czech honey has a stricter standard of 15 and 20 mg / kg. For HMF, not only the elevated temperature is important, but also the time it takes to actuate. For example, a short heating to 60 ° C causes almost no increase in HMF. However, long-term storage at 40 ° C will increase the HMF content in just a few weeks.


NORMIT HONEY DRYER is designed specifically for honey and takes into account all the features of this product. It allows to significantly increase the amount of honey harvested during the season, with the possibility of achieving high quality and fine drying of honey directly from the hive. This significantly improves the quality of the immature honey and increases its life. It is an effective means of destroying unwanted components in honey, such as crystals and yeast cells.

Drying takes place under vacuum and is very gentle on honey. Honey retains all its specific properties, color, taste, smell, better retains diastasis (the enzyme that is naturally present in honey, enzyme activity decreases during aging or higher temperatures) and does not increase HMF or destroy nutritionally important enzymes. Thanks to the large heat exchange surface, which includes the inner walls of the working chamber and the entire surface of the mixer, we have significantly reduced energy costs compared to conventional vacuum dryers.


Partially or fully melted honey is placed in the working vacuum chamber. Thermal energy is supplied by hot water through the working chamber jacket (duplicator) – indirect heating. The special stirrer rotates to ensure maximum heat transfer between the heated wall and the product. The specially shaped blades increase the adhesion of the honey, which then flows in various so-called “waterfalls”, significantly increasing the evaporation area.

Special scrapers located between the agitator discs clean the walls of the working chamber from the stuck honey. The dryer can also be supplemented by direct heating, which should not exceed 40 ° C in order not to damage sensitive substances in honey. When the honey is heated above 50 ° C, the enzymes in the honey as well as other valuable substances are rapidly reduced. Technically, however, the temperature can be set to 95 ° C (eg for drying other products).


Vacuum dryer NORMIT PD3000 consists of a vacuum chamber of high-quality food grade stainless steel AISI 304 (or on request AISI 316) with a duplicator for heating the jacket with hot water, equipped with a specially shaped stirrer, vacuum system and condenser. Since drying takes place under vacuum, it is possible to dry at low temperatures with minimum energy costs. The heating medium is usually hot water.


Honey dryer can be equipped with thermostat, PLC control, electronic humidity measurement, hot water generator (electric, steam, solid fuel), recirculation and filtration system to clean honey from wax debris, bee putty (propolis), bee body parts, etc. The filter system is equipped with removable stainless steel screens that allow you to select the desired degree of cleaning for each application.


These are the most efficient professional solutions in the field of honey drying today. Designed to work 24 hours a day – whenever you need it. High energy efficiency. Low operating costs. Large heat transfer area that includes a heating jacket, provides maximum energy transfer. The drying process takes place at low temperature, which ensures the preservation of all nutrients in honey. 

Operation is continuous so honey is of stable quality. Short drying time, no hydroxymethylfurfural content. Fully automatic operation for various products. Environmentally friendly. Easy cleaning and maintenance. Low heat loss. No dead zones


Okrem sušenia medu je sušička vhodná pre výrobu invertného sirupu tiež na výrobu umelého medu, . To znamená, že môžete zariadenie používať po celý rok, dokonca aj keď spracovanie prírodného medu je u konca. Umelý med je výživný a veľmi obľúbený produkt cukrárskeho priemyslu, tiež často využívaný na kŕmenie včiel v zimnom období. Ďalej môže byť sušička použitá v potravinárskom, farmaceutickom, chemickom priemysle.Vákuová sušička je účinným prostriedkom na zničenie vakuova susicka medu nežiaducich zložiek v mede, ako sú kryštály a kvasinkové bunky.

In addition to drying honey, the dryer is suitable for the production of invert syrup for the production of artificial honey. This means you can use the machine all year round, even when natural honey processing is over. Artificial honey is a nutritious and very popular product of the confectionery industry, also often used for feeding bees in winter. Furthermore, the dryer can be used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

A vacuum dryer is an effective means of decreasing of undesirable constituents in honey such as crystals and yeast cells.

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