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Multi function industrial vacuum cooker

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The vacuum multifunctional cooking machine is designed for home use, catering (restaurants, hotels, catering companies) and small industrial enterprises, respectively. With the help of this equipment you can cook, blanch, fry, evaporate, pasteurize, mix/stir.

You no longer need to buy your device for each technological process, now all the above functions are available in one installation.

A special feature of the equipment is the special basket – a centrifuge, which will quickly and efficiently remove excess water or oil from the product after processing. The basket is divided into several sections, which allows the parallel processing of different types of products.

Professional vacuum multifunctional plant is designed for the production and processing of various products:

  • • jams, various sauces,
  • • juices and purees,
  • • vacuum frying semi-finished products in oil,
  • • brewing of various drinks,
  • • production of extracts and tinctures
  • • and much more!

The equipment can perform a wide range of functions:

  • • blanching
  • • cooking
  • • frying in oil under vacuum conditions
  • • frying
  • • vacuum evaporation
  • • pasteurization
  • • mixing / stirring, whipping.

In a multifunctional plant, you can steam, at atmospheric pressure, under vacuum (at low temperatures), fry under vacuum in oil, mix various products, using an additional attachment – whipping, make creams and sauces, boil condensed milk, boil and pasteurize at a pressure below atmospheric various products.

The Multivar Profi installation is simple and easy to operate, an intuitive control menu provides the ability to configure and adjust such parameters as temperature, vacuum, on / off, and rotation speed of the mixing device/basket, its tilt, processing time.

The special shape of the working vessel and gravitational mixing when the working vessel is tilted allows efficient distribution of heat (heat transfer) during processing. Gravity mixing is 20–25% more effective than usual. It also makes it easier to unload the product from the equipment.


The universal installation of MULTIVAR PROFI is made in three sizes: S, L, XL

For people who like quality and healthy food.

Using MULTIVAR PROFI you can prepare a product in a short time, preserving its original color and the nutrients and vitamins contained in it!

Processing under vacuum can remove air voids in the product that has a positive effect on the duration of the life of the product. The vacuum ensures the safety of useful minerals in the product, its color, taste and smell.

The basic version of the plant is a compact cylindrical working vessel, placed on a supporting structure with a control panel, equipped with bottom electric heating, a special removable basket mounted on the shaft, a vacuum, and a system for tilting the working vessel.

As additional options can be offered easily removable agitator with Teflon scrapers, cutter knives, removable condenser, and much more!

The special condensation system of the Multivar PROFI plant allows the secondary steam that appears during processing to condense into water and increases the efficiency/rate / of evaporation of the product.

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