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Melter for fat blocks NorMelter

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Melters for fat blocks are designed to melt frozen, solid blocks of animal or vegetable fat as well as to maintain them in a melted state at a given temperature.

The fat melting machine is used in industry for the manufacture of margarine, mixed oil, ice cream, condensed milk, filled, creams, ointments, oils, etc.

Fat melting machines ( melting lard, fats, butter) are designed for solid or molten fat frozen blocks of animal and plant origin and keep them in a molten state at a certain temperature.

Ideal for:

  • butter
  • margarine
  • cocoa butter
  • chocolate sauce
  • ointments
  • creams, cream cheese etc.

The fat melter is a three-layer vertical tank with a heating jacket and thermal insulation. Heating is carried out at the expense of heating elements and mineral wool provides thermal insulation. The melter is equipped with a circulation pump for the constant circulation of hot water in the pipes. In a basic version of the machine is included a temperature sensor to control the fluid temperature. The maximum temperature of the coolant is 150C.

Melter with integrated melting surface, removable lid and control unit

Fat melter (rectangular, electrically heated) consists of a working tank equipped with a removable lid, melting grid, heating system with heating coils and control unit.

The principle of operation

There is the heating of the upper grid by heat medium (hot water), which is naturally circulated due to the thermal expansion from electric coils installed in the internal body. The loading of the blocks is carried out manually. The temperature of the blocks should be above -20°C. The unloading of the melted product is carried out through the outlet valve, situated in the lower part of the melter.


  • Maximum heating intensity due to a very short distance of energy transfer between the heating elements and the coolant;
  • Simple design
  • High reliability;
  • Universality of application;
  • Possibly GMP performance;
  • Only European manufacturers components are used;
  • High security level.



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