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Line for the production of marshmalow candies

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Marshmallow – is a foam candy made of gelatin, sugar, corn syrup, water, sometimes eggs, glucose, and food coloring. In some countries, people also tend to roast marshmallows over a fire, much like roasting sausages.

Marshmalow can be found in a variety of colors, shapes, flavors, even in a spreadable version.

Marshmalow foam candies are a popular confectionery almost all over the world. Even though it is not a diet snack, only  a few of us know, however, that these wonderful candies can serve a different purpose in addition to snacking.

The mashmallow production line can provide the following processes:

Weighing and dosing – you can choose manual or automated dosing or its combination, for example, for main raw materials such as sugar, flour, oil and the like, fully automated, and for small ingredients such as colorings, flavors or emulsifiers, manual dosing.

Mixing – Mixing is a very important process in mass preparation. It is important that all ingredients and additives are well mixed. We will design a suitable equipment according to your technological process, which also depends on the dosage selection. We adapt everything individually to your needs and requirements.


The basis for the marshmalow mass is syrup. Most syrups are cooked from water, glucose and sugar. The principle of boiling a syrup is to evaporate the water content to increase the solids content. The degree of evaporation depends on the type of sugar. Mostly cooked is the syrup with a dry matter content of about 85% Brix is ​​cooked. The cooked syrup is then cooled using a heat exchanger.

The gelatin solution is pumped from its own tank into the premixer. Gelatin and syrup are continuously mixed as they pass through a series of knife heat exchangers.

Aeration – a special device adds the right amount of air to the mixture.

Forming the mass is formed by means of an extruder.

Coating – The marshmallow mass is coated with starch, dextrose or other mixture to make it easy to cut to the desired size and not stick. The cut pieces fall into the vibrating screen and excess starch is collected for reuse.

Cutting – marshmallow is cut to the desired size

Maturation – after cutting, the marsmallow is placed in a maturation chamber. It can then be cleaned of excess starch or dextrose.

We design and manufacture the marshmallow line exactly according to your requirements.

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Company NORMIT FOOD s.r.o. designs and manufactures a custom made line according to your requirements and needs.

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