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Belt dryer / dry roaster with cooling

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The multilevel belt dryer and cooler  is a unique installation designed for drying seeds, nuts, snacks and other various types of bulk products by exposure to combined sources of heating or cooling to dry the product.

The dryer is an installation consisting of constantly moving Teflon conveyor belts located at 5 levels (configuration at 7 levels is possible). Above and below is an infrared radiation system equipped with protective mirror screens that reflect the infrared rays to provide additional heat to the product. At each level, the intensity of infrared radiation is adjustable.

The uniformity of the drying of the product in the belt dryer is achieved due to the smooth and precise control of the quantity of the product and its layer, using the slide gate of the product supply installed in the upper part of the dryer. The change in the speed of the belts and the mixing of the product occurs due to pouring it from one level to another.

The speed of conveyor belts is regulated independently of each other. At the bottom of the dryer is a system for collecting dust and waste.

Operations: sunflower seeds

  • Drying
  • Cooling

Belt dryer and cooler constructed for drying of many different products like:

  • seeds
  • peanuts
  • almonds
  • sunflower seeds
  • hazelnuts
  • snacks
  • different types of bulk products


  • The multi-level belt dryer is made of stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life and prevents corrosion, the risk of which exists when salt is added to the product.
  • To achieve maximum efficiency and uniformity of drying, infrared emitters are located above and below the conveyor belt.
  • Installed stainless steel heat-insulating panels provide better thermal insulation, and can be easily dismantled if necessary.
  • Each infrared emitter has a protective cover and a mirror screen to reflect infrared rays, which prevents dust from entering the product and, as a result, prevents the product from burning.
  • All insulation panels are equipped with high temperature gaskets.


Combined heating system. When using the unit in the dryer mode, heating is carried out due to various thermal systems:

  • infrared radiation
  • contact heating
  • convective heating
  • hot air generated in a heat exchanger
  • supply to the “jacket” of the dryer at each level of steam, heated water, thermal oil.


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