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Tilting rectangular pan SFP

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Examples of use

Frying, stewing, thermal processing of meat, fish or poultry

Cooking preserves, sauces, syrups

Frying and stewing of

  • potatoes
  • mushrooms
  • eggplant and zucchini
  • meat, fish, poultry


  • jams and marmeladevyklopna panvica
  • sauces
  • tomato puree
  • syrups


  • flour




Heating is provided by the steam that is supplied from an external source to the duplicator. The special shape ensures high heating intensity and even heat distribution over the whole surface. The pan has a compact design. The product is unloaded by manual tilting through a V-shaped outlet. The tilting is possible to the full vertical position.

The pan is equipped with an integrated temperature sensor. The steam supply intensity is set manually, the steam supply is controlled based on the temperature sensor data.

Rapid cooling of the finished product is possible by supplying cooling medium to the duplicator.



  • Reliable construction easy to operate.vyklopna panvica
  • High intesity of heating and cooling processes. Even heating over the entire working surface
  • High hygiene, without hard-to-reach places, where the product could collect.
  • Made exclusively in EU using European materials and components.


Improved design and shape of tilting pan

  • wide flat design allows frying even thin-layer foods in small amounts of vegetable or animal oil

  • the characteristic feature of the pan is the uniform heating of the entire pan surface


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