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Production line for making baby food

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ProfiCut is a complete and versatile equipment that cooks, kneads, refines, cuts, mixes, homogenises, crushes different types of food products.

All operations from loading raw materials to obtaining the finished product are carried out in a single facility.

Loading of raw materials (butter, cheese, meat…) is possible in blocks without previous grinding. Grinding, mixing and thermization are carried out under vacuum, which prevents oxidation, allows the processing temperature of the product to be lowered, thereby preserving its taste and smell and obtaining an attractive external appearance.

Automatic filling and closing line for filling and closing flexible doypack bags with liquid or semi-liquid product. The filling line works with a pneumatic measuring pump with adjustable dosing range from 5 to 1300 ml. The bag is closed with a plastic cap.

All parts of the device that come into contact with the product are made of high quality stainless steel.

Vacuum cutter, emulsifier-thermizer ProfiCut is a universal device for the production of a wide range of products such as:

  • processed cheese
  • thermized curd cheese,
  • desserts, creams, foams
  • soups and sauces
  • baby food
  • sweet fillings
  • dough
  • pastes, fillings
  • nut pastes
  • marzipan and many others

The construction of the device consists of a working vessel placed on the frame. The working vessel is equipped with a jacket for heating and cooling, product heating can also be a direct injection of steam into the product. On the bottom of the working vessel is integrated grinding head with a direct drive motor (or a gearbox on request). On the lid of the container is placed a slow-moving, reversible stirrer,  which provides a gentle stirring of the product and thanks to the use of special scrapers, a uniform heat exchange between the walls of the working vessel and the product. The lid equipment includes a dispensing hopper funnel (for dosing dry components into the product) and a vacuum module to maintain the necessary degree of vacuum inside the container.

Rotary supports

Rotary supports allow the work container to be positioned in such a position, so the loading with standard containers can be as comfortable as possible. Product unloading is secured via a drain valve or 90 ° tilting the container.

Mixing, mechanical milling and cavitation

The product inside the container is affected by the varying effects of working tools.

A slow-moving radial stirrer moving in the opposite direction to the lower milling head with the knives, gently mixing the product and ensuring maximum heat transfer from the walls of the vessel. The special shape of the container walls, the shape of the knives on the milling head and the angle of their inclination generally ensure intense vertical mixing and circulation of the product.


  • Versatility. All operations are performed sequentially in one device without the need for the product to be pumped for further processing. The device replaces a crusher, mixer, emulsifier, solvent, pasteuriser ….
  • Compactness
  • Hygiene
  • The lowest possible cost of manufacturing the product batch
  • Stable high quality of the finished product for each batch
  • Comfortable product loading, as well as for whole blocks
  • Complete unloading of the product when tilting the container or through the drain valve
  • Hygienic design in accordance with FDA requirements, simple cleaning and technical maintenance.

Information about the equipment and available volumes on request from our sales department.


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