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Technological line for drying solutions

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The line is designed for use in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Evaporation is used to reduce product volume, remove water prior to drying, and to improve product storage life.
Evaporation is a highly energy-efficient way of removing water or other liquids and thus the primary process for the production of concentrates.

The line is connected directly to the tank-container where the solution is pumped through the primary filter(not included) in the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger consists of a body with a casing (inner),with heating element inside. The product passing through the heat exchanger is heated and then pumped by a pump into the vacuum spray dryer, where drying process occurs. Vacuum spray dryer consists of a tank with the inner casing, the nozzle located in the upper part of the installation, display display window with lighting, air ducts, heat exchanger-condenser The vacuum dryer is connected to a condensate collection tank and a vacuum pump. For spraying the product must be connected to a compressor (not supplied lines) for tightening air. The product in a pipe is mixed with air and fed into the upper part of the dryer where is sprayed through a nozzle to a fine The evaporation process occurs. separating the solvent (water) from the compound – water molecules pass into the vapor state. Using a vacuum pump steam is drawn through the air heat exchanger to condesate collector. After reaching the required level of evaporation of the product by a pump is discharged from the drying unit for further filtering. The product may be connected to a heat exchanger line after discharging from the vacuum spray drier prior to filtration. The complete installation of an additional (second heat exchanger ) is not included.


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Company NORMIT FOOD l.t.d. due to its many years of experience and team of experts will design solution and custom made line according to your requirements and needs. CONTACT US
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