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The technological line for processing classic mayonnaise

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Mixing is a key stage in mayonnaise production. The part of Normit mayonnaise line is high-speed mixer that ensures perfect mixing.

Production of mayonnaise is a batch process. Oil is pumped from IBC tank to measuring vessel with a level sensor. Liquid flows from the measuring vessel with a help of gravity to the high-speed mixer. Into the mixer are added other raw materials and and the process of mixing begins. The final product is pumped to an aseptic storage tank under constant pressure. Tanks are designed and manufactured to store mayonnaise prior to filling.

Technological process of mayonnaise production:
The prepared ingredients are added to the mixer where the water is added. All parts are thoroughly mixed and other components are
added. The resulting solid mixture is further agitated to produce a perfectly homogeneous cream consistency. The resulting product is
mayonnaise, which is sent for packaging.

Mayonnaise is an emulsified sauce based on oil, water, vinegar and flavors such as sugar and salt. The emulsifier is pasteurized egg yolk or egg melange.

What is good quality mayonnaise?

In the past, mayonnaise was produced according to a industry standard that declared that mayonnaise consists of 8 egg yolks, 78% vegetable oil, vinegar and salt. In the 1990s, the standard was abolished, resulting in a deterioration in the quality of industrially produced mayonnaise.

At present, the production of mayonnaise is regulated by Decree no. 29/2014, which states that the basic mayonnaise is a semi-solid consistency product obtained by emulsifying the vegetable oil in the egg component and in the acidifying component, containing at least 78.5% by weight of total fats and at least 6% by weight. egg yolk, acidifying ingredient and salt free of additives. In addition to these basic substances, it may contain sugar and additives which do not alter the taste, color, smell or consistency of mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise queen of sauces





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