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We offer cream separators for continuous separation of whole milk into cream and skim milk. The equipment is intended for the separation of milk into cream and skim milk with simultaneous purification from different impurities. It’s can be produced with automatic or manual sludge discharge.

Types of cream separators:

– opened

– semi-closed

– automatic

The open and semi-opened types of separators are fed with the product into the machine through the open-line system.

The models of automatic types allow you to open and close the bowl hydraulically using water.  Such models are also equipped with a fully automatic cleaning-in-place system.  The product is fed into the machine through a closed-line system.

Work modes of separators :

– milk separation

– milk normalization

– milk purification

The capacity of the separators is between 1000 – 3000 l/h and depends on the type and quality of raw material.

Product: milk, fat content – 3-5%

The duration of the milk storage must not be more than 24 hours.

Our cream separators are covering many applications suitable for SMEs as well as for large industrial groups.


– all surfaces of the parts  that are in contact with the product are carefully polished, in order to improve the efficiency of separation and washing;

– stainless mechanical adjusting devices in the exit line of skim milk and cream, devices for normalizing milk;

– a model with a capacity of 3000 l/h is equipped with a programmable logic controller;

– all details of the mechanism are made in such a way as to reduce vibration and extend the time of the interservice period;

– the geometric characteristics of the separator’s drive are designed to achieve the maximum effective value;

– The special design of the vertical shaft ensures the lubrication of the bearings even at low drum speeds (start/stop). The oil level can be easily checked through the inspection window in the separator bed.

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Line for the production of prunes in chocolate

The prunes in chocolate production lines are suitable for making chocolate confectionery filled with plum and nut or almond.

The line assembly depends on the customer's technological process. Contact us and we will design a ready-made solution exactly according to your requirements and needs.

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Honey drying is used when the moisture content of honey exceeds 20%. The optimum moisture of quality honey is 17-18%. Excessive moisture in the honey due to its early harvest or poor quality leads to separation and fermentation. A moisture content of 17% is considered a safe level for slowing of  the yeast activity. Increasing productivity. Bees spend a considerable amount of time and effort to dry the honey in the hive. The possibility of drying the honey after removing it from the frames significantly increases the honey harvest per season.

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Belt blancher

NORMIT CB Blancher is designed for heat treatment of a wide range of products whose fine structure requires to minimize mechanical influence in the blanching or cooking process. Unlike a drum blancher, in which the product is blanched in a process of single directional mixing and rolling and a screw blancher, in which the product passes through a working chamber by means of a screw, in the belt type blancher the product lies motionless on the conveyor belt and is processed without damaging its surface.

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Vacuum evaporator SQE

Vacuum evaporators of the SQE series are designed for evaporation of water, thickening and cooking of a wide range of viscous products under vacuum, cooking at lower temperatures, thus preserving the natural taste, aroma and color of the product.


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Vacuum cutter, emulsifier ProfiCut is a universal equipment for the production of a wide assortment of products such as: processed cheese, desserts, creams, foams, soups and sauces, baby food, sweet fillings, cheese paste, nutmeg pastes, marzipan and many others. ProfiCut is a complete and versatile work tool that cooks, concentrates, kneads, refines, cuts, mixes, homogenises, pulverises various types of food products.  
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Vacuum fryer, Vacuum dryer VF PLUS

Frying process by using a vacuum (and lower temperature) - is an exclusive and modern way of processing using heat, allowing to gain the unique properties of the finished product. In the NORMIT vacuum frying machine, the product is fryed to a crispy state using temperatures up to 120 °C without acrylamide formation. The product doesnt consist of carcinogenic material so, it is a healthy alternative for most snacks.

We manufacture in our factory in EU vacuum deep fryers from 20 to 350 liters.

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Line for the production of marshmalow candies

The marshmallow production lines are suitable for the production of foam candies in various colors, sizes and flavors.

The line assembly depends on the customer's technological process. Contact us and we will design a ready-made solution exactly according to your requirements and needs.

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Frozen blocks flaker

Cutter, crusher is a machine designed for crushing (chopping) frozen products (meat, fish, fruit, etc.) into the form of "flakes" of various (adjustable) dimensions. This makes the frozen product immediately usable for further processing.


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