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Vacuum frying and its benefits

The primary aim of ​​this blog piece is to analyze the vacuum frying method, how it differentiate from the conventional process and demonstrate the advantages this method gives to producers. The vacuum drying and frying equipment is suited for a variety of materials: vegetable, fruit, meat, fish or flour products….

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Frying oil

You will learn: Why doesn’t fresh oil smell like anything? Why products that are deep-fried in fresh oil get a more even shade? What is the ideal frying temperature for potato chips? How to achieve the ideal taste of fried foods?   Oil is the most important ingredient in the…

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V tomto článku sa dozviete mnohé o: Samotnom procese vyprážania – ako vzniká a čo sa počas neho vlastne deje Aké má vyprážanie vplyvy a účinky na fritovací olej Čo vlastne robí fritovanie s potravinou- aké má žiaduce a nežiaduce účinky Aký olej a podľa čoho vybrať na vyprážanie Prečo…

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