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Technological lines


Technological Line for Protein production


Our company has expanded its product portfolio with another

machine, a protein production line that allows you to produce

various protein products.



Examples of use:

light and tasty protein sticks
protein powder for athletes
various protein powders for the preparation of cocktails
protein sausages
protein beer



Hot air drying box

- uniformly convection hot air



Drum mixer butter 

- Suitable for the production of butter, cream of 25 to 40% fat 



Line for the production of jam

1. Universal washing

2. The inspection conveyor

3. Pitting machine - fruit crusher

4. Jam pump

5. The atmospheric boiler for jam

6. The dosing device

7. Bath pasteurizer


Dewatering Screw Press

- effectively separated - separates the solid particles of from liquid


Equipment for washing vegetables with a rotary brush and conveyer


Boiler 300 liter electrically heated, stirring + Teflon squeegee, atmospheric


Kettle for cooking VK-500

- power 1,5 kW
- type heating - electric


Kettle for cooking VK-1000

- power 2,2 kW
- type heating - electric


Screw conveyor with output 150 cm, without frame, without power control


Plate pasteurizer


Mixer cone 300 liters - stainless steel


Vessel with a screw mixer 300 liters - stainless steel


Single shaft mixer with blades 500 liters  


Carrot peeler 


Screw conveyors

- up to temperature 450 ° C, adjustable speed



- Ensuring efficient pre-wash vegetables before entering the washer














Autoclaves/ sterilizer


Baking plants


Boiling vats and Boiling chambers




Can washer




CIP Station


Coating continuous drum






Cooling devices


Core and seed removing machines




Cutting machines




Decanter centrifuge


Destoning machines


Disintegrator / Dispergator




Dispensers, Filling machine



Drying plant




Emulsifying and dispersing machines




Fermentation tanks, fermenters


Homogenising machines, homogenizers


Mixing and stirring machines


Pasteurising plants


Peeling machines






Sorting machines




Vacuum evaporating plants


Vacuum cooking plants







































Vacume batch oil fryer






Vacuum fryer NEAEN VF- healthy and tasty product

Vakuová fritéza


Ask for the price




Vacuum systems for roasting, drying products for the production of chips and snacks.

Vacuum systems allow for the processing of products of different degrees of frying:

  • Roasting and frying, drying of the product (chips, snacks)

The basic model is vacuum-free installation. Vacuum fryer Normit Pilot allows through the creation of a vacuum environment to proceed product at lower temperatures - "below the boiling point."An important feature of the vacuum fryer is a fat removal system, which allows you to "dry" the finished product. Processing products by vacuum frying not only saves energy, but also preserves the structure,the color and taste of the finished product. This method of treatment - deep-frying under vacuum - a modern, based on reducing the time and temperature of frying product technology, which creates a healthy end product, with a crisp, with a minimal amount of oil, roasted in its own juice, due to the rapid  frying protect against excessive saturation of oil product.


Vacuum Frying Normit Pilot installation consists of:

  • working containers: oil and labor capacity for roasting
  • vacuum pump
  • filtration system
  • heating system
  • oil cooling system
  • fat removal system
  • security and control system
  • waste release system




Work on installation of deep-frying under vacuum includes three cycles:
1) heating the oil to the required temperature and its purification,
2) roasting product, then cleaning oil and condensate,

3) removing fat,, oil cooling and release of waste products




 The vacuum fryer can operate in two modes: automatic and semi-automatic.


 Auto mode uses a ready-made programs cooking (recipes) that are installed on the customer's request in the software default settings. At the request of the customer can be configurate own recipes (cooking program).


 An important advantage is the possibility of a semi-automatic mode select parameters preparation (roasting) to adjust the heating temperature, the range of pressure (vacuum level), the roasting time, depending on the product type and the taste preferences. The ability to adjust all the parameters of the equipment provides maximum freedom for laboratory research in the field of industrial food production, development of new technological processes, formulations and processing of the product.


For easy management of vacuum fryer provided LCD display with touch screen.


Equipment for vacuum frying created for a wide scale of products such as potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, beets and other vegetables and fruits, as well as chips and snacks.
Vacuum fryer Normit Pilot allows you to experiment with a wide variety of food, including to obtain an intermediate raw material for further processing and production.



Vacuum fryer Normit Pilot is designed for industrial experimental facilities (laboratories) for the production of food, is also suitable for small food and catering establishments.






  • Energy efficiency (under vacuum frying temperature below 130 ° SM, 60 degrees less than the usual method of frying in deep fat).
  • "dry product" as a result of roasting useful for preserving the health of color, texture and palatability.
  • effectiveness of the cleaning oil (screening up to 90% of various waste during roasting).
  • Heating of oil within 7 minutes
  • Visual control of roasting (window with light and mechanical cleansing of vaporization).
  • vacuum level control, temperature, and frying time.
  • oil cooling after use.
  • High security




Model NORMIT VF-30
Productivity, kg / h to 100







Potato chips production line


The complete production line of potato snacks / chips - for the production of products from raw potatoes in the form of potatoes fried in oil.




Screw blancher


Inside the chamber is placed a large diameter screw, which is immersed in the working chamber

The product is moved by screw in the unloading direction. The speed of the screw movement depends on the desired heat treatment time and can vary.




Cream honey  (Honey creamer and homogenizer CH Profi )


Drum washer



The raw material is loaded into the drum machine manually or by means of a feeding conveyor (not included).The machine runs continuously.In the washing drum  preliminary washing and removal of dirt and stones occurs.


Vegetable/fruit air

bubble washing machine


 Colloid mill- new inclined models




 Bath pasterizer


Honey melting and filtration unit


performs the following processes: melting crystallized honey; a heat treatment  filtration – honey purification to remove various impurities which lead to accelerated honey crystallization.



 Continuous blancher



 Parný defrostátor (continuous Blancher with steam injection)


 Laboratory blancher



Frozen block flaker



Vacuum dryer kiln



Vacuum dryer kiln for

extremly viscous materials

 vakuova odparovacka basic


Steam/electric cooker with mixer



Tank Bottom Ball Valve


Four-way valve


Electromagnetic vibratory




Inclined conveyor belt

with vibrating sieve



Pharmaceutical stainless

steel reactors and tanks

 Фармацевтические емкости NORMIT

___________________________</span></p> <p>Gytromix complete</p> <p><img src="" border="0" width="66" height="48" />


Homogenizer Gydromix



Bottom entry mixer



 Homogenizer Ultra-shear



Homogenizer Yumix Basic



Homogenizer Yumix

Homogenizator Inline


Butter homogenizer

Гомогенизатор-текстуратор масла Normit
____________________</span></p> <p>Frozen butter homogenizer</p> <p><img src="" border="0" width="59" height="61" />


Honey creaming machine

zariadenie na pastovanie


Honey homogenizer


Vacuum mixing 



Vacuum homogenizer VMG

vakuovy homogenizator


Atmospheric mixing unit



Atmospheric mixing unit


Armospheric mixing unit

Ферментеры, ферментаторы NORMIT


Atmospheric vertical homogenizer 


Cooking & Cooling Line

kotol na varenie


Y - mixer


Vacuum batch oil fryer


Vacuum Cooker


Condensate honey dehumidifier
















Apparatus for producing insulin PDF


Decanter centrifuge




Cutting, peeling, corring  machines


Extractor for coffee




Pre-duster machine


Coater machine


Vegetable air washer


Ball mill PDF


Brine dissolver PDF


Centrifugal separator PDF


Deep fryer


Food dryer PDF


Hose pump PDF


Milk dryer PDF


Mobile bin


Submersible fryer PDF


Autoclave NORMA medical PDF


Aerodynamic dryer PDF


Scraped surface heat exchanger PDF


Size grinding machine


Y (V) type mixer PDF


Pin worker


Resting tube




 Catalogue of production lines

Cereal bar production line PDF

Smoothie production line

Continuous line for processing berries PDF

Technological line for canned fruit and vegetables PDF

Jam production line PDF

Oitment production line PDF

a href="/Images/uolíoads/microbrewery.pdf""Microbrewery PDF